Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bonnie and I had a fabulous time on the Premier Christian Cruises Girls Get-a-Way!! First of all the Bahamas are beautiful! Look at that inviting crystal blue water!

One of the coolest things we did on the cruise was a Dolphin Encounter in Freeport. We got to get in the water with the dolphins, pet them and they even gave us each a kiss. They are amazing creatures and evidence of God's perfect design.
Another cool encounter with the underwater world was when we went snorkeling off of Rose Island in Nassau. Here are some shots I tookwith the underwater camera. I love to snorkel, but I get seasick every time I do, which is why there aren't many pictures of it! Next time, I'm taking Dramamine before I get in the water!

And, of course, the cruise itself was great, too. Food, Friends, Music, Entertainment, Food, Rest, Relaxation, Food. What more could a girl want??? I hope to see you there next year!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tourin to Tomlin with Tami

In October, my family and a whole slew of WBFJ listeners
headed out on a Holiday Tour Bus to spend the day at
Christian Music Day at Carowinds...

The girls really enjoyed the "Foam Pit"...

But, the biggest attraction for everyone was
the concert and meet n' greet with Chris Tomlin...

And, it was an added bonus when Steph Craig ran into the
girls from Everlife. I think Andrew appreciated it most!

It was a great day, but we sure were tired at the end of it all.
Good thing we had the chance to get some sleep on the bus ride home...

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