Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? A quick Holiday trip to the Big Apple

This year, I apparently lost all sense of sanity and logic and decided to plan a quick trip for my kids, my mom and me to New York City during the week following Christmas. This was, perhaps, the worst idea I have ever had (and I have had a lot of them).

Why was this such a terrible idea? First of all, the days leading up to New Year's Eve are some of the busiest in the Big Apple. I have been to NYC several other times. I know it can get busy and crowded. It is New York City, after all.  But, honestly, I have never seen that many other human beings in one place.

Look at the chaos at Times Square...

Another reason this trip was such a bad idea, is that the weather was horrible!  Now, I will say that it was unusually cold, even for NYC.  But, I am telling you, I have NEVER, EVER, IN MY WHOLE LIFE been that cold.  The highs on the 2 days we visited the city were in the mid 20's with 25 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 50 mph.  Can you say WIND CHILL?   We were prepared for cold.  I packed multiple layers for everyone, including long johns, under shirts, hoodies, winter coats, hats, gloves and even wool-blend hunting socks.  But, our layers were no match for the brutally cold winds that battered our bodies all day long.

Trying to beat the chill...

Finally, the traffic between NC and NY was beastly.  On both the trip there and the trip back we were stuck in stop-and-go traffic much of the way.  1-95 was mostly a sea of red brake lights.  The drive took nearly twice as long as it would have under normal traffic conditions.

In all fairness, the trip wasn't a total disaster.  There were a few highlights. We lodged in Staten Island to save money (as opposed to an expensive Manhattan hotel).  We were very pleased with our accommodations at the Hampton Inn Staten Island which offered excellent rates, a clean, comfortable and spacious room for the five of us and a wonderful and free hot breakfast each day.  They even packed a nice brown-bag breakfast for mornings on the run.  And, the kids really enjoyed taking the free Staten Island Ferry (there is a small fee for parking)  from Staten Island to Manhattan, which includes some nice photo opp's as the ferry passes the Statue of Liberty.  If you do opt to stay in Staten Island, plan on at least an hour's commute into the Manhattan.

Chinatown was memorable.  We had a fantastic meal at the Great NY Noodletown ...a small, inexpensive, authentic restaurant that is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  The hot tea which accompanied steaming mountains of noodles and bowls of soup were just what our frozen bodies needed.  Chinatown also offers lots of great places to shop for souvenirs on a tight budget.  Our favorite spot was Ting's Gift Shop, which has been selling a unique collection of Asian toys, clothing and novelties from it's teeny-tiny storefront since 1957.  It's one of the oldest operating businesses in Chinatown.  Ting's is on the corner Doyers and Pell, two historic Chinatown streets.  It just feels like Chinatown.

And, yes, the city really is beautiful at Christmastime.  The decorated buildings and millions of sparkling lights make Manhattan magical.  It was just too crowed and too cold to really appreciate the city in all it's Christmas glam.  If you don't mind the cold, I hear the days immediately after New Year's are a perfect time to visit the city.  The decorations are still up, the crowds are gone and the sales are hot.

One more quick note, if you are planning a trip, I highly recommend Frommer's New York City as a travel guide and the Streetwise Laminated Map of Manhattan to help you navigate the city.

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